Embracing 2023: A reflection on my year so far

Do you set goals? I’ve always found it pretty tricky.

To be honest, getting through the week sometimes is enough of a goal for me!

But, back in January, I set myself some fairly loose goals for the year ahead. And so now, as we’re just over halfway through (how?!?) I thought I’d share how I’m getting on.

1. Work more collaboratively

The hardest part of working for myself has been the distinct lack of other humans to talk to each day. Much as I love and thrive on working alone most of the time – I also really miss bouncing ideas off like-minded colleagues, getting excited about new projects and changes, and having a light-hearted moan over a cuppa!  So, I’ve made it a real focus this year to find some lovely real-life humans to collaborate with and work alongside more often.

And it’s going well!

I’m in the process of finishing my third project working alongside the incredibly talented Sina Luck. A total dream of a project where we’ve been able to combine our creativity with clever design and copy to create a new website for our shared client with both looks and purpose.

I’ve made some great connections with other website designers, brand specialists and local agencies. And had lots of conversations about making marketing more human, more effective and more streamlined to better support our clients.

I’ve created Flourish – a marketing & productivity workshop alongside the lovely Clare from Ducks in a Row. Combining forces to share our knowledge and experience from our similarly squiggly careers with other busy business owners.

And I’ve got my Wobbly Copywriters. A group of six gorgeous women –  all copywriters – all juggling everything that self-employment, motherhood, imposter syndrome, and anything else in between throws at us – and all up for a good old natter, moan, and celebration whenever it’s needed! I wouldn’t be without them.

2. Stick to my version of success

Because it doesn’t matter what other people’s “success” looks like –  it’s about how it looks to ME!

And my success measures for this year are all about getting a balanced mix of work and life. Because one of the main reasons I went self-employed was to work less and enjoy life more.

So making more time for impromptu cuppas/ walks/ naps/watching Bluey with the kids/ pottering. And feeling less guilty about it. Whilst being financially stable enough to be able to enjoy a few days out here and there and a family holiday.

The balance isn’t quite there yet, but keeping this in mind has been just what’s needed to keep me focused on what I really want when the old comparisonitis sets in.

3. Be open to new ideas and opportunities

I very gently set myself the word “open” for this year. Mainly to give me a bit of a reference point to come back to when I’m trying to make decisions.

And so far it’s been working well. I’ve been to new networking events, joined new groups, said yes to a few different courses, met & chatted to LOTS of new people, met up for walks, lunches, coffees and cook-outs, AND started weekly swims in the sea!

But it’s about my mindset too. Shifting from the employed way of thinking where you’re often stuck to a certain way of working or impacted by others’ choices.

To everything now being my choice – and learning how to be more open about how I want to work and my ideas for shaping the business in the future.

Open to new ways of marketing.

Trying different things.

Heck, I’ve even given ChatGPT a little whirl!

4. Get back to what I know best

Travel, hospitality, events, wellness – all the good things in life! And the things where customer experience is absolutely essential if you want to stand out.

I’ve started reshaping my offering – from a vast range of things to more targeted services and packages that reflect the best of my experience and the support that these kinds of businesses specifically need.

I’ve also launched the Copy Boost to help small businesses improve their website copy. Because when I first started Birdsong Copywriting, one of the main things I wanted to do was to make marketing easier and more effective for small businesses. To remove all the complicated marketing spiel, and to show how – even without a dedicated marketing team or large budget –  you can bring your business to life with the right words!

5. Sort out a “proper” home office

I started at the kitchen table – as so many freelancers do. And then moved to a small desk in the lounge. But it never felt like the kind of space to build a business.

So, back in April we redecorated the lounge and built a new desk and shelving area that I can now proudly say is my office. There are still a few finishing touches to go – if you can recommend a nice pin board (that doesn’t look like it belongs in a staff room?) then PLEASE let me know – but it’s made a huge difference to how I feel about working in the space. And it’s definitely much more like something a grown-up business owner would have (oh that’s me isn’t it!).


So, 2023 is going pretty well so far. It’s not been without its ups and downs.

Financially there have been some really quiet months.

Mentally I’ve often struggled.

And personally, I’ve had quite a bit going on with my family, including a very sudden bereavement in the last few weeks.


But having these loose goals to keep coming back to has given me a sense of focus. And reflecting back on them has been incredibly beneficial to see the progress I’m making.

So, how about you? Are you working towards any goals this year? And how’s it going so far? I’d love to hear.

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