Mel’s Tiny Talkers – Training Course Documents

When editing and proofreading grows into optimising and building…

The brief for this project started out as an editing and proofreading project.

My client Mel had developed and created all the relevant content for a new training course and came to me for help to present it in a way that was clear and error-free for her students.

Our briefing sessions helped me to understand more about who her students are, what the topics and the benefits of the course are, and to get under the skin of the key messages and actions. And together we determined that to make the course as impactful as possible, we needed to break apart the content into different elements to make the whole process flow for the students.

This meant immersing myself in the content from start to finish – looking at it as a student would. Ensuring it flowed as intended, making recommendations on areas to change, to be more concise, and where copy needed to be more direct or active.

It was also crucial that we created a balance between the expected detail of a medical topic with a more human, conversational style and tone that matches the coaching nature of the programme.

It needed to feel friendly, warm and reassuring whilst also being strong, inspirational and questioning the status quo.

Having started with the course workbooks, we then continued to improve the student’s experience of the course – optimising, building, formatting and proofreading everything from advertisements and course launch flyers, to welcome packs, course workbooks, certificates and follow-up questionnaires.

What Mel said:

“This is beautiful Lucette. You did it. Flows so magically.

Literally love it, really gorgeous work.

Thank you so much, you really, really made it come alive!”

Take a look: