Sina Luck – Website Copy

Writing website copy doesn’t always start with a blank page.

On this project I worked with my client Sina to optimise and add to the copy that she had already written herself.

As a graphic and interior designer, Sina had a beautiful vision for how she wanted her website to look and feel. She had a huge amount of content about previous projects and lots of her own notes about her inspirations, creative direction and approach.

But sometimes although you know what you want to say, it just doesn’t quite sound right. And when it comes to writing a whole website it can feel very overwhelming to know where to start.

So, together we worked through everything Sina had collated, uncovering what was at the heart of it all – simplicity, mindfulness and soul. And this needed to be reflected not only in the design and images, but in the copy too.

As part of the project we clarified which ideas and content best suited which areas of the website. Building not only Home, Studio, Shop and Meet the Designer pages but by turning her portfolio of work into Stories to tell of past projects and inspirations.

This has now given her audience a place to spark creativity, to slow down and to focus on simplicity.

What Sina said:

“It feels so good to work my way through the copy now…it’s so much more aligned with what I’ve tried to say for so long!
Thank you so much for turning my ramblings into such a beautiful soulful copy that aligns with my business so well!”

Take a look: