A good copywriter: the essential “must-have” for a thriving business.

Ah yes, the bit where I tell you how wonderful copywriters are so that you want to use my services hey?

Well, yes…sort of… but the thing with freelance copywriting is we kind of need to…

You see, unlike plenty of other jobs that support businesses… accountants, IT specialists, HR advisors, graphic designers… often their specialist type of support is something you can’t, or don’t, want to do yourself. But a copywriter does a job that you can already do right? You can write. You’ve been able to pull together a website, you’re running a business so why would you need someone else to write about it for you?

Well, here’s a few reasons why you might just need a good copywriter to help…


 You’re all out of ideas.

Has your social media lost the sparkle it once had? Does your newsletter sit lurking un-read in too many inboxes? Is it easier to re-use the same piece of introductory copy in a brochure because it’s hard to think about how to make it any different?

It’s easier to say the same thing. Safe. But saying the same old thing bores your audience. They switch off, they’ve heard it before. But how do you come up with something new?

Well, a good copywriter loves coming up with fresh ideas. Creating sparks of interest and crafting these into great content is what gives us our kicks. Researching and planning to turn an idea into a story. Delving into the relevant topics that get you noticed. And then bringing them to life with language that ignites curiosity, raises a smile, or inspires an action.

If you’ve run out of the oomph for all of this then you can guarantee that your copywriter won’t have.

You want to be seen.

The internet is a big old place. And whilst it’s relatively simple these days to get your business online, that’s no longer a one-way ticket to sales. You need to be seen…and to be seen you need to be found.

Then, once you’ve been found, you need to be heard. And by that, I mean connecting with your reader, usually within a few short seconds.

The words you use determine whether your customers can find you, see that you offer what they want, and then hear more about it.

A good copywriter will help get to grips with SEO, carefully and creatively using keywords and phrases to get you seen. Then, they’ll make sure the tone of the copy and the language used hits the right note with your audience. Language that triggers a response. That keeps the reader interested beyond the first few lines.

Language that engages, inspires and sparks a connection.

You want to be trusted.

If you don’t trust a business you won’t buy from them. Think about it…when was the last time you bought anything from someone you didn’t have some trust in? Whether that trust comes from a recommendation, a review, a reputation, experience, or because you simply connected with the person selling it.

It all comes down to words.

Creating captivating content that positions you as a subject expert helps to build trust. Using language free of waffle, jargon, and pompous words builds trust. Using conversational language, words that sound human, and like you, build trust. Making things clear, uncomplicated, easier, simpler…helps build trust.

A copywriter will write the right words to help with all of this.

You need more time on your hands.

Why is there always so much to do? No matter how big or small your business there’s always something at the bottom of the to-do list. The thing you keep meaning to do but the thing you just never get to.

Maybe your website hasn’t been updated since you quickly put it all together to get *something* launched. It might be an About Us page that’s lacking your personality, or the blog that ran out of steam after a couple of months. Or perhaps the copy and pasted product descriptions that have never been quite as exciting as they could be.  Maybe you’ve come up with ideas but when it comes to putting pen to paper it just doesn’t sound right and you’ve spent too many hours deleting and re-writing it.

It takes time to work out the best way to say things. It takes time to consider what you’re trying to say, who it should appeal to, where you should put it and when you should say it. And a freelance copywriter will take all of that off your hands. They’ll spend time researching, planning, creating, writing, and editing to get it right. Leaving you to get on with the rest of the to-do list.

You want to stand out from the competition.

Sometimes it’s easy to see how your business stands out. It’s a new, innovative idea or product, something different, a change to the norm. But, with most industries, there’s competition. Another business, selling or offering the same product, the same opportunity. And that’s a good thing. It means there’s a demand. But how do you stand out?

How can you share what’s unique to you, how you do things differently? And why you’re the perfect solution for your ideal customer? Often it starts with looking at things from a different perspective. Hard to do though when you’re so immersed and passionate about it all.

But seeing things from another viewpoint is exactly what a copywriter does for your business.  A bit like when you look at a photo or a reflection and see something you’d not noticed before.  Away from the everyday demands, and the same old perspective, they step back and look at things with another pair of eyes, drawing out what’s important to your customers and transforming how they see you.

A copywriter reframes the message, just by changing the words you use and in doing so sets you apart from your competitors.


Good copy is for every business, whether you’re selling cakes or carpets, books or baby classes, holidays, or handmade jewellery. Don’t let the wrong words ruin all your hard work.

Words are important. Email me as I’d love to chat about yours.