5 things I’ve learnt in the first few months of business

It’s now been a few months since I registered myself as self-employed… something I’d always wanted to do but had previously not had the courage or opportunity to do. Then Covid came along and threw my career in travel up in the air (no pun intended).

But in doing so it opened a door to an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

I wanted to share some of the positives from the first few months for anyone else is considering the step into the big unknown of going freelance.

People are kind.

I’ve been so overwhelmed by those who’ve wished me well in my new business. From people who have offered to skill swap to save pennies, to friends willing to invest in me, and others offering recommendations and sharing posts. People really care and it’s not just those you know, strangers too. Followers on social media who’ve taken the time to comment on posts or like something. It all means so much when you’re starting out, but also just in general. A kind comment makes a massive difference.

Help is out there.

Coming into the freelance world was daunting with a capital D…where the hell should I start? A website, social media pages, a logo, a content plan, templates, contracts, insurance, accounting, banking, pension, a laptop, people to talk to!!… whoa, it was a lot to think about …but there is so much out there to help. So many resources online, from free courses and webinars to blog posts. Meaning I’ve read more in the last few months than I had the whole year before and I’m loving learning again.

Has it been overwhelming? Yes, definitely, and lots of comparisonitis going on but there’s plenty to help with that too so don’t be scared to look for it.

It’s fun!

Yes, there’s been a lot of worrying. Lots of imposter syndrome, lots of wondering whether I’ll be able to pay the bills or survive if I get the flu (remember that?) for a fortnight. But besides all that I’ve been having a whale of a time getting to flex my creative brain, talking to new people, learning new things about something I love, putting passion into building a business that I genuinely believe will help people. And getting to fit it in around my family life without any guilt. It’s definitely taken the edge off the crazy world out there.

There’s space for everyone.

I’ll mention it again… imposter syndrome is a tricky little beast! I delved into the world of freelance copywriting fully and wholeheartedly, but of course, as soon as I started finding people and businesses that I loved the old critic inside piped up with all the “who the hell do you think you are” spiel. However, through a mixture of finding some excellent places for support via the wonders of Instagram, and of course through talking with my nearest and dearest I’ve realised there’s absolutely space for me too. I have something to offer just as much as anyone else does. I even came up with my own little mantra “be inspired not intimidated” and I keep referring back to it regularly.

Talking about yourself is HARD

Ahem…. I thought this would be the easy bit…what with being pretty confident in the writing game and all that…well that was foolish!

Coming up with values, working out what’s the most important thing you offer, a USP, finding a tone of voice, building a brand, having a personality, sharing but not oversharing, it is NOT easy I tell you.

But I’m getting there. I’ve used all of what I’ve said here to help me work out how best to talk about myself and what my business offers. And as cliché as it sounds I’m just being me…dry-humoured, honest, sporadically impulsive, optimistic, a bit naïve, full of random ideas and I’m taking it day by day.